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HSICVE-2 double oven shown with optional casters
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Half Size Electric Convection Oven

Turbo-Flow™ system
- Creates an air flow pattern that simultaneously heats the inner surfaces of the oven cavity
- Recirculates hot air to maximize efficiency for energy savings
- Fast temperature recovery
- 1-speed 1/4 hp motor for high production cooking and delicate baking
- Two electrical outputs are available, 5 KW or 7.5 KW
  Heavy duty door system
- Heavy duty door system
- Bearings on the top and bottom of door
- Extends the life of the door
- Eliminates side-to-side shaft movement
- Door locking mechanism
- Door chassis is fortified to withstand constant opening and closing
- Handle is secured to an internal stainless steel chassis system, not to the external door finish
  Oven interior
- Porcelainized oven interior for easy cleaning and better browning
- One interior light per oven with a momentary switch outside the oven
- Each oven has 8 rack positions for maximum versatility
- 4 oven racks included
  Manual control panel
- Manual controls
- 1 speed fan control for general baking and roasting
- Oven cool down switch
- Momentary switch for internal oven light
- Oven ready light shuts off when desired temperature is reached
- Thermostat controls oven temperatures from 150° - 500° F (66° - 260° C)
- 60 minute electric timer has audible buzzer
- Panel removes from the front for easy access for service
  Programmable control panel
- Optional programmable controls
- Easy to program
- Adds cooking versatility
- Temperature can be displayed in °F or °C
- Panel removes from the front for easy access for service
  Exterior features
- Double oven
- Stainless steel exterior, except back
- Stainless steel legs
- Welded and finished seams
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Reflects a quality, professional look
- One year parts and labor warranty