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IABA-36 model
shown with optional stainless steel stand and casters
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Radiant Smoke Broilers

Smoke System
Smoke system
- Slow smoldering design allows logs and wood chips to last longer than direct burning, continually infusing smoke flavor into the broiled product

- Log method
Logs smolder in log holders enveloping food in smoke for flavor

- Wood chip method
Wood chips are placed in log holders in lieu of logs to smolder and smoke.
  Smoke Broiler Burners
- Individually controlled 20,000 BTU/hr. (6 KW) stainless steel burners
- Burners are located every 5" (127 mm) with individual controls
- Removable, reinforced cast iron radiants prevent clogging of burners and provide even broiling
- Standard cast iron radiants provide maximum heat retention and intense surface temperature
- Optional stainless steel radiants provide quick heat-up while minimizing flare-ups
  Top grate
- Heavy duty cast iron top grates provide attractive char-broiler markings
- 5" x 21" (127 x 533 mm) sections remove easily and safely for cleaning
- Cooking surface provides a range of cooking temperatures
- Top grates are in sections to remove easily and safely for cleaning
- No tools are needed to remove grates, radiant covers and stainless steel burners for cleaning
- 8-1/4" (209 mm) high stainless steel splash guard
  Exterior features
- Stainless steel front, sides and landing ledge for cleanability and professional look
- Welded and polished stainless steel seams
- Easy access, front loading perforated stainless steel wood rack and slide out ash pans
- Slide out stainless steel 7" x 20" (178 x 508 mm) wood holders and 3" (76 mm) deep removable pans
- Large stainless steel work deck, full width 9-3/4" (248 mm)
- Optional cut-out for multiple food/sauce pans is available for deck
- Slide out stainless steel log holder and 3" (76 mm) deep ash pans
- Control knobs are durable cast aluminum with a Valox™ collar for a heat protection grip
- Full width grease gutter
- Insulated throughout cooktop to conserve energy
- One year parts and labor warranty